Mindfulness May 2020 : learn how to implement mindfulness in your life

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🎉You’re invited!

🧠✨Join me this month, for what I am calling Mindfulness May!

Just like introducing a more active lifestyle , and a more balanced diet full of whole foods can improve your health- practicing mindfulness can too!


So, I want to help you incorporate mindfulness in your health journey and routine.

I know its not easy. It takes time, patience & lots of practice.

🤝I want to go on this journey with you, and practice together!


The reason I’m so passionate about promoting  mindfulness and meditation, is due to the powerful role they play in

health improvement,

disease prevention,

stress management,

and in living your happiest life😊.


📑Research is continually mounting on the benefits of mindfulness and meditations.

Evidence shows these practices contribute to reduced cortisol levels, our stress hormone.

These practices help to cultivate emotional resilience, so over time, when inevitable stressors come up in life – we can handle them better.


🧠It takes time and practice to fortify these new pathways in the brain.

🧁So, stay tuned for short & sweet prompts to help you incorporate even a little bit of mindfulness into your day, to kickstart your lifelong practice of mindfulness that will evolve into longer meditations.


🤗I hope for this to enrich your life and help you achieve better health.

PS. what are you doing at 1:00pm on Tuesday May 19??

I’m hosting a FREE live webinar on Brain Health and how to improve learning, memory and cognition. To watch: You can Register for FREE here:


See you there!

Stay tuned for more about mindfulness and meditation.

Stay home, stay safe, I’m here to help you stay healthy!

Dr. Elena Zarifis , Naturopathic Doctor

instagram @dr.elenazarifis

online booking: drelenaznd.janeapp.com

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Dr. Elena Zarifis is a Naturopathic Doctor who holds your athletic achievements in high priority.

Providing Naturopathic Medicine for Athletes and active adults of all levels, the ultimate goal is to optimize your health, in order to have you feeling and performing your best.


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