Healthy Snack Ideas and Recipes

My Favourite Healthy Snack Ideas (With Recipes): I am all for a good healthy snack, and homemade ones are even better! I absolutely love creating different  healthy recipes that are equally nutritious and delicious.   My healthy date and walnut bars are a super easy, no-bake recipe made with pitted dried dates and raw walnuts. […]


PWYC Naturopathic Virtual Appointments with  Dr. Elena Z ND. Virtual appointments only – Naturopathic Consults. Available via Oakville Private Practice “Location” , only. Honor system – No questions asked for qualifications. Please note: You must specify that you are booking a PWYC appointment upon initial inquiry and upon booking, otherwise it will be assumed that […]

Mindfulness May 2020 : learn how to implement mindfulness in your life

🎉You’re invited! 🧠✨Join me this month, for what I am calling Mindfulness May! Just like introducing a more active lifestyle , and a more balanced diet full of whole foods can improve your health- practicing mindfulness can too! . So, I want to help you incorporate mindfulness in your health journey and routine. I know […]

The Gut-Lung Microbiome Axis: A Bi-Directional Immune Highway

    By now, most of us have heard the word microbiome- the collection of trillions of functional bacteria of all different species found in many places throughout our bodies, such as our skin, gut, mouth, vagina and our lungs.  Whether you are a practicing healthcare professional, or just watching TV when a popular bodywash company commercial comes […]

How to Grow Neurons : An Evidence-Based Discussion

How to grow neurons – yes , you read that right! There is a protein produced and used in our nervous system that helps the neurons grow in our brain, which helps our brains work better, faster, stronger. In this article we talk about things we can do to help increase the levels of this […]

Progressive Muscle Relaxation

Progressive Muscle Relaxation (PMR)- (walk through at the bottom of post) is one of my favourite meditation strategies. PMR has been shown to be useful for: Assisting in falling asleep, Managing general anxiety, Managing stress, Improving athletic performance through reduction of performance anxiety , general anxiety and through physiological measures. I love using progressive relaxation […]

Cold Feet, Wet Socks…Good Health?

Mmm wet socks… what? Doesn’t that sound good? Well what if I told you they would also be COLD! Still no..? Ok for real, what if I told you that with a pair of cotton socks, a pair of wool socks , and some cool water, you could go to bed with cold wet socks […]