S K I N : Surf , sand , sun , summer skin. Facial Rejuvenation and Cosmetic Acupuncture By Dr. Elena Zarifis ND in Oakville , Ontario.

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Surf , sand , sun : the skin on our face takes a beating in the summer.

Our skin is the outer expression of ourselves.  It is what we show to the world, and the way we look and feel about ourselves can influence how we show up every day.

I am so adamant about self love, and to be confident in our bodies- AS IS.

There is so much value in practicing self-love and self-acceptance.

At the same time, there is SO much value in self-care, feeling like you are taking charge of your health and doing something you can see, something tangible with effects.

There is so much value in taking pride in our outer expressions and appearance,  and feeling like your outsides match how good you feel inside, as well as match how much love you have for yourself.

My extra certification in facial rejuvenation and cosmetic acupuncture allows me to provide my patients with the opportunity to practice self care, harmonize their internal systems through full body acupuncture treatments paired with facial acupuncture that helps to reduce fine lines, wrinkles and sagging, and improve circulation in the face which helps with bringing your skin the nutrients and oxygen it needs to create a visible plumping glow.

Facial Rejuvenation and Cosmetic Acupuncture provided by Dr Elena Z ND targets fine lines, wrinkles and sagging, and improves local circulation.

 In our initial visit, we talk about the areas of your skin you’d like to address and I ask some questions that help me determine YOUR individual acupuncture whole body and facial protocol , after this brief intake, we do the acupuncture session.

Follow up sessions are ideally 2x a week for 4-8 weeks, followed by more spaced out visits , eventually into 1x a month. 

In each session: you receive a full body and facial acupuncture treatment, with diffuser aromatherapy and relaxing music, and after the needles are out, we finish off with a facial rose quartz rolling session.

For a limited time, I’m giving every patient that books an initial Facial Rejuvenation and Cosmetic Acupuncture visit a free rose quartz facial roller to call their own so they can continue this self care skin treatment daily in between visits.

Email info@drelenaznd.com to book, or go to drelenaznd.janeapp.com to book online!

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Dr. Elena Zarifis is a Naturopathic Doctor who holds your athletic achievements in high priority.

Providing Naturopathic Medicine for Athletes and active adults of all levels, the ultimate goal is to optimize your health, in order to have you feeling and performing your best.


  • Acupuncture
  • Supplementation
  • Lifestyle Modification
  • Botanical Medicine
  • Nutrition
  • Comprehensive Lab Work
  • B12 injections
  • Desiccated Thyroid 


Email: info@drelenaznd.com


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